Juliette Tariel-Adam


I am an early-career researcher who is interested in evolution, marine biology, and animal behaviour.
🐟🐙🐚 I am fascinated by fish but I like to study all marine species.

🤩 I've just started a postdoc at Macquarie University in Sydney working with Culum Brown at the Fish Lab.

🐠 I'm running a project on tool use in fishes.
➡️ Check the project website if you want to know more and participate in the project.

🍀 Already feel lucky.
On my way to becoming a researcher on the behavioural traditions of coral reef fishes!

Tariel-Adam Juliette picture

I try to do reliable and open science by following the guidelines of the SORTEE scientific society.
I also try to reduce any negative impact I may have on ecosystems and the climate as a result of my scientific work.
Finally, I am committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion at my level.